Dishing out a fresh new look for a New Jersey-based Mediterranean restaurant.
Moazz enlisted my help to refresh their branding. The grill is a favorite among locals, serving up everything from crispy falafel bites, to seared lamb kebabs, to delicious grain bowls. 

I decided to give them a modernized logo which would highlight their presence as a Mediterranean grill.
The Logo
I chose an approach which was modern, clean, and graphic—yet, cheery and personable. I also created a unique pattern based on the shape of the flame.
I wanted my color palette to be more expansive than predictable red and orange. Secondary colors provide creative flexibility in branding materials and merch. 

Colors were inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and terrain.

A couple of orange Moazz coasters. Example of how secondary colors can be used in branding materials.

Flamin' Good Food.
A slogan infuses a different kind of creativity into a brand. When used right, it becomes synonymous with a brand's identity.

I wanted my slogan to accentuate the logo, while drawing attention to their great food. I also wanted it to be a flexible statement; something that could have legs for different campaigns and uses.
Takeout bags with an unexpected twist. A cheeky play on the slogan, these bags look like they were scorched by a flaming grill.

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