I'm Amy.
A Graphic Designer and Copywriter with a penchant for storytelling and overpriced coffees.
Whether I was traveling cross-country as a rookie graphic design intern, collaborating on a One Club brief, guiding as creative director, representing as school ambassador, brainstorming as product design intern (or simply navigating my entire senior year during a global pandemic), I've learned that hard work pays off—in great products, great mentalities, great experiences, great connections, great memories, great results. And maybe even an award or two. 
My passion as a creative lies in storytelling and crafting meaningful experiences for users. You know, the kind you want to run and tell your friends about. Over a steaming $7 cappuccino.
ASK ME ABOUT: Growing up in a nomadic household, my 12-lb Havanese who sneezes when she's excited, the best New York pie you haven't had (and where to find it).
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